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Most people are extremely busy today and therefore hardly find a hole in their agenda to make an appointment with a financial advisor at a lender if a loan has to be requested. In addition, a lot of people just have less patience, or the need for money is so urgent, that waiting for a loan application is experienced as very undesirable. Fortunately, it is nowadays possible for more and more lenders to get an immediate answer if you have requested information regarding a loan.

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Today more and more matters are regulated via digital communication, and that is increasingly the case when collecting information about applying for an online loan direct lender. For example, more and more banks and other financial institutions are giving potential customers the opportunity to perform a loan simulation on their website.

During the execution of such a simulation you will be asked to enter certain personal and financial details in the appropriate fields. Some information will also be requested regarding the loan that you would like to take out. Once all the required information has been entered, the simulation tool will get started for you. Within a few minutes you will then be shown whether you can qualify for taking out the requested loan.

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If you could borrow the requested sum of money in a responsible manner, you will also be able to see what the consequences will be if you actually took out the loan in question. If you do not like the simulation, or if you cannot get a loan, you will have to look for a different solution for your money problem. The moment the simulation results appeal to you, the next step you can take is to request an official quote.

Requesting an official quote

Requesting an official quote

Applying for an official loan offer is almost the same as conducting an online simulation. In certain cases, however, the requested information will not be sent to the lender digitally, but for example by post, but more and more requests for quotations will also be made via the digital highway. In other words: it is also usually possible to request an official loan offer from behind your own computer, instead of during a personal visit to a branch of a bank or other lender.

A digital request for a loan offer will therefore provide a response within a short time (often within a few working days). So you no longer have to make an appointment with a financial adviser from a bank or other financial institution and then spend a lot of valuable time to personally explain your loan application at his office. Making a loan application online will often be a lot faster. However, you will always have to take into account the necessary time that elapses before your loan application is definitively approved or rejected.

CKP is the snag

CKP is the snag

Every loan taken out in our country must be registered with the Central Individual Credit Register (CKP) at the moment that these exceed 1000 euros and / or have a minimum duration of 3 months. In this way, every lender can easily check whether a potential borrower:

  • still has certain debts outstanding,
  • has no payment problems, or has had in the past,
  • is not a defaulter or has been in the past.

After all, every lender wants to be sure that a loan will also be repaid without any problems and according to the agreements made. If that is not the case, then this will mean a certain financial burden for the offer of the loan. Therefore, if a potential customer is registered negatively with the CKP, there is a good chance that an application for a new loan will also be rejected. However, the procedure to check all the details of a loan applicant at the CKP is very time-consuming, which means that you sometimes only hear after a few weeks whether the requested loan sum can actually be provided.

Visualize your own situation

Visualize your own situation

In general, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort by first clearly charting your personal and financial situation. That way you can find out, even before a loan is requested, whether you could borrow money responsibly. Of course you will always have to be completely honest with yourself if you take a close look at your situation and, for example, don’t overestimate yourself. Not only do you run the risk of (even more) financial problems, but you will also saddle the lender with a greater chance of payment problems or even of default and therefore a loss of (part of) his assets.

By doing self-reflection, you can also save yourself for an unnecessary disappointment. The chance that you will be granted a loan, under approximate financial circumstances, will be very small. By honestly assessing your finances and repayment capacity, you can often reasonably reasonably assess whether your loan application has a reasonable chance of success, or whether it is better to immediately refrain from applying for a loan.

A caller is not always faster

A caller is not always faster

A caller is faster, that is at least a common slogan, but unfortunately this is usually not the case when applying for a loan. After all, a lender will have to have a lot of information at its disposal, as well as an internal check and a check at the CKP, before you can get a definitive answer. In some cases, an employee of a bank or other financial institution can tell you if you have any chance of issuing a loan if you can paint a global picture of your personal and financial situation.

Looking for general conditions in advance

Looking for general conditions in advance

Even before you apply for a loan, you can start looking for the terms and conditions that go with it. Most lenders will usually want to send this to you by e-mail, but they have also often been mentioned on their website or made available as a downloadable document for (potential) borrowers. The moment a lender has not made the general terms and conditions public or even makes it difficult to ask for, you can generally assume that there may be certain aspects of the loan that are not quite right. In that case you would certainly do well to look for another lender to get the desired loan sum.

If you have managed to get hold of the general terms and conditions, it is highly recommended that you read them carefully and, among other things, pay close attention to hidden costs, such as administration costs or fines that are charged in the event of early repayment of the loan. Furthermore, the general terms and conditions of a loan can provide you with a lot of information with regard to interest, the method of repayment and the consequences of late payment obligations. In other words: the general terms and conditions of a loan will inform you of the obligations that both the lender and the borrower have in relation to each other.

However, by going through the general terms and conditions of a loan before you send a loan application has another important advantage, namely: you know exactly where you have to comply, what you will expect if you actually complete the loan will close and what you can expect from the lender. This information is extremely useful if you want to get a clear picture of the consequences that taking out a certain loan will have on your personal and financial situation.

Customer ratings and reviews

Customer ratings and reviews

When you have questions about the reliability of a particular lender or one of the loans it offers, you can usually find a lot of useful information in customer reviews and reviews from satisfied, or less satisfied, customers. On various websites and forums on the internet you can generally find various assessments of people who want to share their experiences with a certain lender with the rest of the world.

Unlike the slender advertising talks of the lender even, the assessments of other customers will often also reveal the less attractive sides of a particular loan or provider. This means that, before you apply for a loan, you can often form a more objective picture of a certain lender and its products. As a result, the chance that you make the wrong choice is usually much smaller because you will be less likely to work with a lender who has received many negative reviews.


In the time of all kinds of technical gadgets and possibilities it is usually not really difficult to get an answer to your questions, even if you want to get answers to loan questions. After all, you can not only contact the lender in question directly, but also make use of the wide range of information that the global web has to offer. However, this also means that you actually no longer have any excuses if you are faced with disappointment or financial consequences afterwards because you have blindly submitted a loan application to a lender that you may not even have taken a close look at.

Finding answers to all the questions you have regarding borrowing money from a certain lender is therefore essential. Because you know exactly what signing the loan agreement will mean for you and what you should take into account during the term of the loan. Knowing well what you are doing when you take out a loan can save you a lot of money and annoying surprises.

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